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We operate with a blended team of professional staff and volunteers and each and every person is needed and valued.

We wouldn’t want to be without our teams of volunteers, who turn up every week, whatever the weather, to paint the signal box or clean the station signs, fix the fences, manage the gardens and maintain the track – it’s not all glamorous engine driving! They are happy to pass on experience and skills acquired during other employment, as well as on our own heritage buildings and assets.

Our volunteers operate in teams and if you would like more details do get in touch with us.

You can spot our outstanding Operations Team
in the signal box, on the platforms, in the Guard’s van, on the footplate, acting as Duty Operations Manager, shunting stock, using the fork lift truck and generally keeping us going and helping deliver the services. These roles require training and ongoing dedication as we continually re- evaluate to maintain our top class safety record. Full training is provided and you can take as much time as you need to learn your new role.

Ever wonder who maintains the wonderful old Station Buildings, or paints the steps of the coaches, repairs the fences, or any number of other tasks which keep the station looking its best? That would be our brilliant Buildings Team! You’ll be made welcome and given something to do which suits your particular talents.

The engine shed team always have black hands and certainly need a good supply of de-greaser as they keep our locos in good condition! Our excellent Engineering Team can be found next to, on top of, and underneath our locos (and other equipment). Dedication and talent abound here, and the various technical backgrounds are brought together to form a team capable of delivering all of our maintenance needs. In fact, our team are just delivering the final stages of a locomotive rebuild. How’s that for an interesting hobby!

Who lays and maintains the track, checks the points, mends the fences, maintains the signals, keeps the line operating and the infrastructure in good condition? This tiny Infrastructure Team of extremely dedicated guys are often out on the track in the middle of winter when our essential track replacement takes place. We also have assets like bridges and viaducts, as well as footpaths and fencing which have to be in good order to accommodate our many visitors. If you like working outdoors, then this team could be the one for you.

Gardening, grass cutting, pot and hanging basket maintenance and more is what this team is about. We have a fair bit to look after here at our 4 stations and our gardening team will greet you warmly; there’s always plenty to get done.  Volunteering to keep our stations looking lovely is very worthwhile and it’s appreciated by our visitors too.

We can’t do what we do without serious details like fund raising, financial management and in-depth knowledge of the many assets owned by the Society of which we are all part.

If you have fund raising skills that you can share with us as a volunteer, then we would love to hear from you.

In addition, if you have professional skills that you think could benefit the Society in any way then we would be happy to meet you for an initial chat to see how those skills could be applied here if you were to volunteer.

Would you like to join us maybe as a ghoulish ghost, wicked witch or one of Santa’s elves? We run family events throughout the year and if you enjoy talking to families, dressing up or getting stuck in with crafts then this is a great team to join. Get in touch for details of our events and how our fabulous volunteers play their part.

If you have an interest in joining the team at The South Tynedale Railway please dont hesitate to contact us. Email us: