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The South Tyne Trail – a beautiful route under threat.

The North Pennines is a recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the route of the South Tyne offers a marvellous trail from its source; waterfalls, golden plover, curlew and rugged walking, right up to Alston, England’s highest market town.

From Alston take the train to Slaggyford, or walk, or cycle, it’s up to you, all share the same route.

Then to Haltwhistle, via miles of disused railway line. See towering viaducts and the wonderful nature all along the route, protected by the presence of the railway for a hundred and sixty years, allowed to flourish with forty years of care and wardenship of the South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society.

But parts of the glorious South Tyne Trail are under treat. The ground is literally crumbling underneath. Some of the bridges need urgent works to keep them safe for users. Forestry management, path and boundary maintenance are all essential to keep the trail open.

But you can help..

Friends wanted…

We need Friends of South Tynedale. Friends who love all the South Tyne Trail has to offer. Friends who would support the aims of the Preservation Society; to improve the trail, build a railway, spread the news and continue to manage the diverse natural beauty of the area.

Please help us by becoming a Friend.