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As part of a generous HLF grant awarded to the Society in 2014, work is now complete on the redesign of our accessible Discovery Centre.

We wanted to make our vision a reality and so we worked with an extremely talented team from Newcastle upon Tyne to do just that.

They helped us move the ideas into reality and create this exciting new space which will provide an added attraction for all visitors to the Railway.

Front entrance Intro entrance panel

 The project took a very basic unit and replaced it with a contemporary and visually stunning space which tells the history of what is now the South Tynedale Railway Heritage Attraction.

The memories shared with us from volunteers as far back as before the Society was first formed, are now showcased within this lovely Discovery Centre which is free to our visitors.

We will continue to add to this attraction as we reorganise our Society archives in the coming years.

 The glazed entrance leads you to the story of “The trials and triumphs of a rural railway”. The history of the area; the rise, fall then rise again of the railway, along with the work of the South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society is presented in very user friendly format along with an impressive range of photographs and artefacts.

Artefact wall 1st panel corner Long view from entrance with people

 The free Discovery Centre is open 7 days a week 9:30 to 5pm (unless booked for a private event)

Sliding doors, cinema and last panel

 This attractive 1250 sq. ft. space can be hired for meetings, training courses and educational events and includes an area where catering can be provided. The hire brochure can be downloaded here

 Please ring 01434 338212 weekdays and office hours if you would like to discuss a booking or email