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Work Experience at STR!

Our latest work experience student Sasha has thoroughly enjoyed her time with us and hopes to come back again in the summer to volunteer.

She writes;

“The friendly railway” is the perfect description for the South Tynedale Railway! As a sixth form student from the city of Chester many miles away from Alston, the staff have done a superb job at welcoming and introducing me to the runnings of the station in an area and workplace far different to what I’m used to. I have seen first hand how much dedication and pride the staff take in upholding their friendly reputation and it truly pays off, both staff and guests leave the station feeling more than satisfied with their day.

As part of my work experience, I’ve learned about all aspects of the station from the mechanics workshop to the station shop and, following “the friendly railway” tagline, everyone who I came into contact with was more than happy to answer any of my questions, show me the runnings and help to make my experience a great one. This “happy to help” attitude is again fully mirrored in their treatment towards guests.

One of the most intriguing parts of the station to me was the mechanics workshop which has a viewing platform that the public have access to. As part of my experience however, I was allowed to look around the workshop and even sit inside a (stationary) electric powered locomotive! The mechanics were able to answer my questions and talk to me about how the workshop is run as well as give me some more information about their current project: the rebuilding of Naklo.

As a result of my extremely successful experience, I have plans to return later on in summer to volunteer and hopefully learn more about the engineering side of the trainline. The staff were extremely helpful in introducing me to opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of and I am excited to return to the South Tynedale Railway. Needless to say I would highly recomend¬† visit!

If reading Sasha’s report has got you thinking about volunteering we would welcome you too! Anyone aged 9 or over is welcome to join us and if you’d like to book in for a work experience week in 2020 let us know.