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01434 338212
ALSTON DEPART 10:30 13:00 15:00
KIRKHAUGH 10:45 13:15 15:15
LINTLEY 10:53 13:23 15:23
SLAGGYFORD ARRIVE 11:05 13:35 15:35
SLAGGYFORD DEPART 11:30 14:00 16:00
LINTLEY 11:40 14:10 16:10
KIRKHAUGH 11:48 14:18 16:18
ALSTON ARRIVE 12:05 14:35 16:35

Please note we are not currently running trains


Climb aboard at any of our stations; Alston, Kirkhaugh, Lintley or Slaggyford and enjoy your scenic journey through the South Tyne Valley.

Please note, Kirkhaugh and Lintley are request stops. When joining the train, please tell the guard if you wish to alight at a request stop.  To board the train at a request stop hold out your hands to request the approaching train to stop.

For the most up-to-date information prior to your visit please call 01434 338212; if travelling by steam is really important to you, please phone prior to travel to find out which loco is running on the day of your visit.

We endeavour to keep information accurate but it can be subject to change at short notice depending on volunteer crew availability.