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Stormy Weather

Wettest Feb since records began…

According to the MET Office, February 2020 has been the wettest since records began and we’ve had our fair share of rain and snow here in the North Pennines as this photo from local resident Robert Bell shows. Many thanks to Robert for allowing us to share the photo.


At the end of February a stretch of track near Slaggyford became the victim of a landslip and our amazing volunteers had the unenviable task of battling the cold and clearing the track to make it safe.



A huge thank you to everyone inĀ  the work gang who did such a fantastic job!

Free wood!

We only fell trees where we absolutely have to for safety reasons and there will be some tree felling going on along our track in the next few weeks. The larger pieces of timber will be left for anyone to help themselves to and the brash will be used to make habitat piles to help invertebrates.

So, if you see a volunteer with a chain saw you’ll know why and if you see some logs by the track and have a use for them just help yourself!