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Subscription to The Friends of South Tynedale




Thank you for joining the Friends of South Tynedale.

Your annual subscription of £36 will help us to:

Restore and preserve the former Haltwhistle – Alston branch railway recreating a community railway linking Alston Moor, South Tynedale and the wider North Pennines AONB with the national railway network at Haltwhistle, transforming the economy in some of the UK’s top 10% most remote and disadvantaged areas.

Develop and improve the railway and the South Tyne Trail, attracting more people to this isolated area, encouraging travel in a more environmentally friendly way and creating more jobs for local people.

Encourage a wider audience to discover and embrace the diversity of our towns, villages, wildlife, landscape and renewable energies.

Improve access for all at our railway stations and along the South Tyne Trail, to encourage and enhance social inclusion and integration into the wider community.

Celebrate the wonderful South Tyne Valley with a wide and engaging events programme. Provide facilities for people to travel on and learn more about the fabulous heritage of our railway.