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Lintley - A Station Where There Was None

Green green grass of Lintley Prior to the start of the 2012 season, the South Tynedale Railway from Alston terminated at Kirkhaugh. As part of the plans to extend the South Tynedale Railway back to the first stop on the former British Rail branch line at Slaggyford a new station was needed after the first 1½ miles of additional track had been laid and this is the present station at Lintley.

Through the winter of 2010 into 2011, Cubby Construction started building the new platform at Lintley Halt. Whilst this is a job that the railway volunteers could have done themselves, as had been done at Kirkhaugh, it's a job that does not require any technical railway expertise, so is ideal for a general contractor leaving the railway's volunteers free to undertake more specialist tasks.

Muddy bank In spite of the dry weather, as soon as they started to cut away the side of the cutting to build the back wall of the platform, water started pouring out of the clay, and threatened to swamp the foundations in water and mud.

This led to additional work as a channel was constructed to get the water away, and when the wall was complete, they laid in a perforated pipe behind the stonework, and connected it up to the main drain that had been installed the previous year.

A platform is born Once the construction of the station platform had been completed it was the turn of the railway's own Permanent Way team who spent the spring and summer of 2011 extending the line from Kirkhaugh to Lintley. By November 2011 the main running line had been laid and diesel locomotive № 9 took two coaches full of members on a special trip to the new station.

At that time the run-round loop and several hundreds of metres of fencing still needed to be constructed in order to have the station fully operational for the start of the 2012 season. Again, the Permanent Way team sprang into action and used a work week in February 2012 to complete the construction ready for trial running and crew training.

Waiting for the track to come On the opening day of Lintley station, 1st April 2012, we were greeted with clear skies and fine spring sunshine which helped to bring out large crowds with over 600 people travelling on the trains to the new station and hundreds more watching from the lineside path and other vantage points along the line.

In the future, once the extension to Slaggyford is fully opened in 2016 then Lintley will be relegated to the status of a halt.

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