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Knitting to save lives!

You may not know it but we have a group of fantastic volunteers who not only knit and crochet blankets to keep our visitors warm as they travel through the beautiful South Tyne Valley but also make blankets which we sell in our gift shop.

Proceeds from the sale of these beautiful blankets are helping us to raise funds to buy two defibrillators, one to travel on the train and one to be installed at our terminus in Slaggyford, a village which doesn’t currently have a defibrillator nearby.

Defibrillators and secure cabinets in which to keep them are expensive and we have a target of £2000 to raise.

Bring out your wool!

Our crafters have been creating non-stop and are about to run out of wool so if you have a stash of wool that you know you aren’t going to use we would love to have it!

If you live close to Alston then just drop the wool off at Station House or the Crossing Café; we would be very grateful.

If you don’t have any spare wool but would still like to donate to our defibrillator fund you can donate here.


And watch out for some knitted chicks on sale soon….chocolate egg with every chick!